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Types of difficulties at home or school

1 in 10 children struggle with the following typical problems, you may see some or all of the problems:

Poor pen grip, presses too hard/soft. Lack of fluency, speed, presentation, letter and number formation.

Balance /Co-ordination:
Clumsy, bumping into things, struggles to ride a bike, takes a long time to achieve motor milestones and finds things like catching a ball difficult.

Fine Motor Skills:Poor pencil grip, unable to do fastenings such as buttons, zips, laces, maybe slow at dressing, needs help cutting food or using scissors.

Frequently losing belongings, difficulty with puzzles, takes ages to get selves sorted to start homework tasks and needs help.

easily distractible, can be oversensitive and fearful of sounds, appears not to listen or understand instructions. Makes noise for sake of noise.

Always on the go, fidgety, struggling to finish or start tasks such as homework, can never sit for meals, constantly up and down from table. Can be impulsive.

Frequent meltdowns, blowouts. and tantrums. Often in trouble in playground or classroom, have few friends, immature and rigid in how they play. Dislikes change and needs consistent routines to stay happy and regulated. Obsessions common such as lining up cars, trains, objects.

literal interpretation of language, difficulty expressing ideas or understanding ideas, may talk about own interests to exclusion of others.

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