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therapy ball

Useful Equipment

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Therapy Balls
Therapy Balls are really useful for balance and strengthening shoulders. They can be used for rolling over and doing push ups, also for being squished. To get the right measurement for your child measure from arm pit to wrist and this should be correct. Many children improve with their handwriting by playing on the balls.

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Weighted blankets
Weighted blankets can be perfect for helping children sleep through the night, they provide extra deep pressure which is comforting and stimulates proprioception. Many children will use them as a comfort wrapped them when watching tv and relaxing. They can help calm an overanxious child. Some parents say it is the first good night’s sleep they have had ever!!!(both child and parent)

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Price: £199.99
“Cosy weighted blanket” by Carol Stock Kranowitz

Imagine the warmest coziest robe or towel you have ever felt, combined with the soothing hug of a loved one. This weighted blanket provides the input for a child who has poor sleep patterns and who crave and seek proprioception input.


List Price: £23.99
Price: £18.46

mov’n sit cushion
These fidget cushions are fantastic for children who cannot sit still in class or assembly. They can use them sitting on a chair or the floor. It enables the child to move and satisfy their vestibular sense. Especially good for hyperactive children. Some parents have noted how long their active child sits during assessment when using one. Can also be used at home for mealtimes. Allowing the child to move frees up their ability to concentrate better otherwise they have to work hard at not fidgeting.

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Price: £29.99

Lycra resistance band
Resistance bands can be a fantastic way to calm down. Tying them around table or desk legs to pull against while sitting and listening can help. Pulling (tug of war) type games can also be fun. Be careful not to let them spring back in your face though.

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Price: £59.99

sensory seekers combo kit
Quick easy ready made sensory box to meet your child’s oral and tactile needs. A brilliant resource to have in all households and classrooms will benefit sensory seeking children. Teachers may sometimes think this may be distracting but infact will have more focused alert pupils.

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Price: £12.37

looped scissors
Easy to use looped scissors for children who find accuracy with normal scissors too difficult. Children achieve success and neatness with these. A must for those who struggle.

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Price: £1.05

looped scissors
Great pencil grips for children who grip their pencils too hard and get sore hands from writing. These allow the child to place fingers in the correct position. Excellent.

Chew’lery from
Chew’lery is a great way to keep kids from chewing on their clothes, while letting them work through their chewing tendencies.

It’s also great for oral-motor stimulating activities.

Use with adult supervision. Non-toxic, colourful, plastic jewellery that ‘stretches’.

Handwriting Without Tears.
Go onto this site for some useful downloads about handwriting and information for parents, teachers, therapists. An excellent resource.