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My aim is to help parents and families of children with difficulties (at home and/or school) understand their child’s behaviour from a sensory perspective rather than a behavioural one. Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects nearly every child who is struggling in life. It is fascinating to unravel their problems as every child is different and unique and it is my pleasure to help you understand your own child who is precious and your main goal for them is to be happy.

My son was written off by the NHS occupational therapy team. I was told he had reached his "plateau".  Linda rescued him and us, through her professionalism and hard work, he has progressed so much in so many areas, and proved everybody wrong. My son looks forward to his weekly sessions so much. 
Linda has also worked with Josh's school to enable them to understand his needs and enable him to access the curriculum and his environment.
As a parent I have also attended the Just Right State group and got so much out of it and it enabled me to understand my son and hopefully help him. Also to be able to meet and talk to parents who are in a similar situation is just so helpful. Stops you thinking you are on your own.
Since meeting and working with Linda, Josh and the rest of his family definitely feel we have, at last found a professional, who understands josh, us, our situation and is there to help and be on our side.
Thanks Linda, for proving Josh had not reached his plateau, and has plenty more to achieve.

Mrs N Pascoe    Cheddar, Somerset   

Linda carried out a full assessment of my son and I must say it has been the best £350 I have ever spent, it taught me so much about my son and gave fantastic recommendations which we could follow at home. School were very receptive to her ideas too. Overall we have a much happier son now with better understanding all round. Her advice is like gold dust.

Mrs JC    South Gloucestershire   

Linda connected with my son Liam instantly, telling her how he felt. I’ve also bought a book for Liam “I’m not weird, I have SPD” which is brilliant. He is now understanding himself and gained a huge amount of confidence. A million thankyous. Liam says “You’re the best”.

Donna    Gloucester   

We found Linda when she was recommended to us by the Bristol Dyslexia Centre for help with co-ordination - and how glad we are. My son has dyslexia and also struggles with handwriting and balance and co-ordination. Linda carried out a full assessment for us that identified he has retained reflexes because he didn't roll or crawl as a baby. Linda has a very magical way of connecting with children and as Ben has been attending therapy space his confidence has gone from strength to strength - challenging himself to climb and balance, with so much less fear than he first had. He also says he doesn't need the tinted overlays he uses for reading because the exercises he's been doing have made such a difference. The improvement in his tracking is marked even in 6 weeks.

Linda's therapy sessions are so much fun and it's easy to motivate Ben at home because he gets so much benefit from it.

She is a joy to work with and we can't rate her highly enough.

Julie Critchley    Bristol   

We have been extremely happy with how Linda has combined her professional opinion and parental input to compile a comprehensive assessment report to ensure the content is specific to our son and a practical working tool to use in school.

MP    Bristol   

Linda understood my son’s sensory needs within minutes of starting his assessment, and he loves his sessions at Therapy Space. He is motivated towards the activities she does with him, and they unlock abilities we didn’t even know he had!”

Susan Langley    Newbury   

We are extremely grateful to the help Linda has given our son, this even included extra sessions to give him more of a boost. Having been diagnosed as very dyspraxic, he was struggling at school, especially with his handwriting, organisational skills and co-ordination. Linda gave us exercises to do at home and those with the group sessions made a huge difference to his confidence as well as his ability to function at school. Linda has also written reports so he can get financial help at University - his free laptop should be arriving today.
thank you Linda.

Elaine Spencer    Knowle, Bristol   

Training Sessions
Linda has trained parents and staff on both sensory processing disorder and attachment difficulties, the training is excellent and the enlightens parents and staff on behaviours which are sensory based with many strategies given.

Staff at Special School    South Bristol   

My son thoroughly enjoyed his time with Linda, we have come away with a clearer understanding of his sensory dysfunctions.   Your recommendation of a gym ball has been a god sent in my son’s bedroom and the cuddle seat and swing plate works wonders for his vestibular senses.
Thank you Linda for all your expertise, knowledge, help and advice.

Andrea Brown   

Linda’s holistic approach ensured that our son could feel accepted and understood across all aspects of his life.  Linda’s practical everyday advice has made a real difference to family life and her support has been invaluable.  From everyday home routines to school, Linda has provided clear, manageable ideas that have enabled our son to feel fulfilled and well supported in fact I would go so far as to say she changed his life for the better.


Linda Plowden Dip COT SROT is an outstanding paediatric occupational therapist. Extremely experienced and knowledgeable with a unique skill in understanding and communicating with the patients I have referred to her over the last ten years. Younger children report how much fun they have during their thorough assessment and older children report they feel that someone is listening to them.  Linda always produces a detailed, timely and professional report which describes the young persons strengths and provides practical suggestions for families and schools. Parents comment that Linda is the first person who has helped them understand their child and families who have taken up on-going therapy have reported a seed change to their lives. There is a sense that Linda always goes that extra mile. Clinically Linda Plowden’s work is a critical tool to aid diagnosis. I feel privileged to be able to refer young people to Linda and I am extremely grateful for her expertise. Since 2010 Linda has been listed as a Professional Associate of PSA (Paediatric Service Associates) a large private and integrated paediatric practice based in the south west.

Dr Michèle Hamilton-Ayres MD FRCPCH MRCP DCH    Consultant Paediatrician   

My severally autistic son was shy, unable by looking, touching or feeling to progress with any form of communication, but after only a few sessions at Therapy Space, he was more confident and demonstrated his true hidden ability in all those aspects of communication. He is a lot happier today, more independent and  more confident in participating in social activities. Many thanks.

Derrick Hutchings    Leigh Woods, Bristol   

We were so relieved to find Linda who finally helped us diagnose Matthew's sensory processing disorder.  Reading her report brought tears to our eyes, finally someone understood his difficulties and helped us to see into his world. The advice Linda has given us has helped enormously both at home and school.  Matti had become extremely stressed and angry but with Linda's intervention we have seen a return to the happy, confident and cheeky little boy he used to be!


We were very fortunate to have discovered Linda Plowden at Therapy Space, as she is the only person who really understands our son James. Linda was able to recognise James' specific sensory processing difficulties and has provided many practical suggestions which have helped James to progress in school. We use the activities described in Linda's report to meet James' sensory needs and have noticed how his concentration and behaviour is improving.

Emily & Salim Peeroo   

My son has Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, although we were only aware of the Dyslexia when we met Linda.Linda's manner and knowledge immediately put us both at ease and inspire confidence.  Her relaxed and engaging approach ensure that my son enjoys the sessions, which he views as a treat.  He started to show improvement immediately and is now within the normal range for the Movement ABC tests.
We are continuing to work with Linda focusing on his emotional understanding and assertiveness.  Linda has had a tremendous positive impact on both our lives, during what could have been a very difficult and stressful time.For my son and the rest of our family I cannot thank Linda enough.

Mrs S Kandiah    Bath   

Linda completed a full assessment of my son who was struggling significantly at school ending in us taking the Local Authority to Tribunal to get his needs met more fully. When we went to the tribunal the head teacher of the school held up Linda’s report and said “this report is the most accurate and thorough report I have ever read it sums him up perfectly.

Parent    Gloucester   

Finding Linda has changed my son's life for the better. Last year Linda undertook an assessment of our son and diagnosed him with a sensory processing disorder, this has allowed us as parents to further understand our son's difficulties. The depth of Linda's report has proved critical for us in reaching a diagnosis under the NHS, the NHS Paedatrician told us that Linda's report helped a lot in reaching that diagnosis. This year Linda helped our son with the Just Right State course; my son has told me that Linda has helped him understand himself and this has enabled him to improve his behaviour. My son's school has struggled to understand my son, but with Linda's help I have been able to help educate them and put in place important support targeting his needs. Linda has been amazing & I wouldnt like to think where we would be now if we had not met her last year. I highly recommend Linda.

Julie    Bristol   

Training Sessions
Linda has trained staff in school as part of our inservice training day on sensory processing difficulties related to SEN children generally and provided us with consultative advice on a number of children over a period of 2 years. The advice has been welcomed and acted on with good results with many of the children and our understanding of their needs is so much greater after liaison with her.

Staff at Special School    South Bristol   

Training Sessions
Linda’s training is excellent and I have had fantastic feedback from parents and staff when she has run her sensory processing training related specifically to ASD.

Autism Services    Bristol   

Linda has worked with my son, who has ASD, for over 4 years. Her expert advice on sensory integration has been invaluable and has helped my son transition really well into school. Linda is friendly and approachable and she has developed a positive relationship with my son.

Ms. Green   
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Many children will come to Therapy Space without diagnoses because they are struggling due to the following types of difficulties both at home and in school.

Fine Motor Skills

1 in 10 children struggle with these typical problems.

read more

Therapy Space can help with the following diagnosed conditions:

Dyspraxia, also known as DCD (developmental co-ordination disorder), is a disability that affects movement and co-ordination. more >>
Dyslexia is a common type of learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in the reading and spelling of words. more >>

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a range of related developmental disorders that begin in childhood and persist throughout adulthood. more >>

Children with Asperger syndrome have milder symptoms that affect social interaction and behaviour. more >>

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a group of behavioural symptoms that include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a type of ADHD. more >>

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) arises from a failure to form normal attachments to primary caregivers in early childhood. more >>

Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD is a neurological disorder causing difficulties with taking in, processing and responding to sensory information about the environment and from within the own body. more >>