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helping you understand your child’s behaviour

My name is Linda Plowden and I have worked with children as a qualified Occupational Therapist since 1987.

I started Therapy Space in 2004 and work closely with parents to get the best results for children. Therapy Space provides the ideal space to offer Sensory Integration Therapy, in which I have specialist training.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects nearly every child who is struggling in life.

My aim is to help parents and families of children with difficulties (at home and/or school) understand their child’s behaviour from a sensory perspective rather than a behavioural one.

It is fascinating to unravel their problems as every child is different and unique and it is my pleasure to help you understand your own child, who is precious and your main goal for them is to be happy.

Linda Plowden

So Thankful

I am so thankful to both of my assessors who gave helped me gain more of an understanding of myself. The best experiences I have had with any healthcare professionals. The team far exceeded, in all areas, what was needed to make me (and my partner) heard and understood, where we have not had through any other means. Just an outstanding, friendly and professional service that I would recommend to anyone, which I have, since my assessments

Melanie , March 2023

Amazing Support

I couldn’t praise Kim and Linda highly enough. They have been such an amazing support to our family, and continue to be now after our assessment. We feel like they know our daughter so well and have gone above and beyond to help and support us. Everything was so clearly explained to us and we feel so much better about the potential progress our daughter can make now. Thank you so much

Ellie , March 2023

Accurate Reporting

Linda completed a full assessment of my son who was struggling significantly at school ending in us taking the Local Authority to Tribunal to get his needs met more fully. When we went to the tribunal the head teacher of the school held up Linda’s report and said “this report is the most accurate and thorough report I have ever read it sums him up perfectly.

Parent in Gloucester

Expert Advice

Linda has worked with my son, who has ASD, for over 4 years. Her expert advice on sensory integration has been invaluable and has helped my son transition really well into school. Linda is friendly and approachable and she has developed a positive relationship with my son.

Ms Green

My Autistic Son Is More Confident Now

My severally autistic son was shy, unable by looking, touching or feeling to progress with any form of communication, but after only a few sessions at Therapy Space, he was more confident and demonstrated his true hidden ability in all those aspects of communication. He is a lot happier today, more independent and more confident in participating in social activities. Many thanks.

Derek Hutchings in Leigh Woods, Bristol

A Holistic Approach

Linda’s holistic approach ensured that our son could feel accepted and understood across all aspects of his life. Linda’s practical everyday advice has made a real difference to family life and her support has been invaluable. From everyday home routines to school, Linda has provided clear, manageable ideas that have enabled our son to feel fulfilled and well supported in fact I would go so far as to say she changed his life for the better.

A Parent

Gold Dust

Linda carried out a full assessment of my son and I must say it has been the best money I have ever spent, it taught me so much about my son and gave fantastic recommendations which we could follow at home. School were very receptive to her ideas too. Overall we have a much happier son now with better understanding all round. Her advice is like gold dust.

Referral Process

We accept referrals for children aged 12 and under for Occupational Therapy assessments and therapy on the professional knowledge and experience of the Occupational Therapist referral team.

We accept referrals for children aged 3 up to adults for the Autism Diagnostic Interview.

Contact us for a referral and we will send you the relevant costings and referral forms which we need you to complete prior to accepting you onto our waiting list.
We accept referrals from Parents/Carers, SENCos, SEN Depts, Paediatricians, GPs and other therapists.

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