How does your engine run?

Whether you are an adult or a child managing difficult behaviour and blowouts can cause serious issues in a family. Parents and children can enter into spirals of negative behaviour, and one of the best ways to help is by using the program “The Alert Program. How does your engine run?” based on Shellenberger’s work.

I also consider the other really important “rumbling” engine speed as many children will rumble before they have a blowout. This understanding is vital for kids who frequently have blowouts/ explosions/ meltdowns. Understanding what is triggering their behaviour is essential and there is often a sensory aspect related to this e.g over sensitive to touch so reacts aggressively to unexpected touch.

Treatment. I am able to offer a regular block of treatment over a period of 6-8 weeks using a sensory integration based approach, which can alleviate stress by helping all family members understand why anger erupts.

Sensory Attachment Intervention.

If you are an adult/ child who has suffered abuse in the past, Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI) is another way of dealing with problems. I have specialist training and experience in both areas and would love to help alleviate stress in life for you. Please call to discuss how I may be able to help and find out more details.

ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome are conditions where anger management is one of the biggest problems and I have a a wealth of experience dealing with this and many practical strategies which can help. Weighted blankets, exercise bands, weights and push ups can be fantastic.

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