Developmental Delay is a diagnosis often given to a child with overall learning difficulties and problems such as low tone, cognitive, sensory and physical delay. Often these children do not fit criteria to be seen in the NHS by OT teams. However, this does not mean that Occupational Therapy is not a really important therapy for them. In my experience these children can make some of the best progress. Therapy Space offers 1:1 consultations with parents related to children of any age with developmental delay.

Often children with developmental delay miss essential milestones due to their physical, emotional and cognitive limitations so Therapy Space offers them the chance to progress through developmental stages which are vital for progress and learning. As Occupational Therapists we treat the child as a whole so we will work on developing head control, balance, rolling, crawling and general coordination. We also work on hand skills and development of play and cognition (thinking skills).

We have experience and knowledge about all the relevant stages children should go through. It is vital to go through basic stages otherwise primitive and postural reflexes stay retained instead of being integrated which can affect coordination throughout the child’s life.

Sensory integration therapy is a fantastic way to encourage children to play and develop skills in a safe nurturing environment. Almost all children with developmental delay have sensory processing difficulties which is exactly what an occupational Therapist can help with.

Services offered:
Initial telephone consultation free of charge (up to 30 minutes)
Initial assessment to identify strengths and needs.
Regular Therapist: Parent:child sessions where play is used to develop skills based on sensory integration intervention.
Report writing optional.

Conditions frequently seen: Developmental Delay, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, genetic conditions, ASD, Dyspraxia, DCD, SPD

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